My new French son has arrived!

Benjamin has arrived from Toulouse, late but here none the less!  Ben flew from Toulouse to London to Charlotte NC to St. Louis.  The flight from London arrived 3 hours late and, of course, he missed the flight to St. Louis, not even mentioning he had to go thru customs in Charlotte.  If you have flown internationally lately you know that is often a very time consuming process.  Always plan ahead for that possibility when booking flights.

Ben is the younger brother of Marie, a former Rotary Exchange student that we hosted 6 years ago.  We keep up with Marie with her yearly visits to us in Les Arcs sur Argens when we are there each spring.  This year she came here to our home in Louisiana, Mo for a nice 2 week visit. Ben has joined us for 2 months this summer with the intention of improving his English and my French. In just 24 hours he is winning this arrangement!

Ben will accomply John to various art shows throughout the mid west on the weekends, giving him a chance to see more of the USA than Pike County and a chance to meet many people and be involved in conversations in English.

Hosting a foreign student is a delight, even to us “oldesters”. We have hosted a number of Rotary Exchange Students , from numerous countries over the years, and these have become lasting friendships.  Often we have become friends with their parents and visits back and forth between homes have been interesting and fun.

Consider these opportunities to become a host family and help create better understand between countries and their peoples.  Contact your local rotary club to see if they participate in the exchange program. Additionally if you have a young high school student at home consider the great opportunity for them to go abroad. Many years ago our middle son , Denton, spent a very successful year in Leon, Mexico on this program.

Bon Jour for today….more to come soon with a few tasty recipes from my Fabulous Fruits cookbook utilizing the summer bounty.


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