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While some guests like to cook…

others want to paint Plein aire with John and friends.about_photo.jpg

Each Spring John & Karen move to a charming home in Southern France, for 2 months. Karen teaches Provencal cooking while John creates additions to his famous Provence Collection of Paintings.

Karen and John are your hosts and instructors. They have more than 20 years of experience in traveling to Provence and have offered these trips for more than five years. Karen has more than 35 years of experience in the culinary world. Her studies have taken her to countries like Italy, Japan, and the US, and she co-authored the cookbook A Culinary Legacy: From Escoffier to Today. Her second book, “Fabulous Fruits, showcases dishes prepared with seasonal fruits from appetizers to desserts. John is a professional artist, painting, drawing & exhibiting across America and France.  His gallery, located in Louisiana, MO, displays his Plein Air work as well as his pen, ink & watercolor works. www.Stoeckley.com Learn the secrets of a recognized chef and a master painter firsthand by sharing an exceptional adventure in food and culture with them.

Visit us at www.livininprovence.com


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